.NET Programmer


汇报对象: 开发组负责人

工作地点: 北京








l         按项目开发计划,保质保量按时完成自己所担负的开发任务;

l         负责编制技术文件,并按时提交;

l         按时提交工作总结报告,如实填写项目开发进度表;

l         保证开发任务符合开发规范、需求和设计等要求。



l         熟悉.net FrameworkASP.NetMVCWCFVisual StudioC#等相关技术;

l         有良好的代码书写习惯和代码规范;

l         深刻理解W3C标准,对可用性、可访问性等相关知识有实际的了解和实践经验,对HTML语义等有一定理解;

l         精通Web前端技术,包含XHTML/XML/CSS/javascript/ ActionScript;熟练使用EXT者优先;

l         精通基于JavaScriptAjax框架的项目开发;

l          能熟练解决不同浏览器及不同版本的兼容性问题;对业界最新的页面实现有浓厚的兴趣和深入的见解;

l         熟悉SQLServer数据库,熟练运用SQL




  • 敏锐的技术发展洞察力;
  • 良好的自学能力
  • 良好的问题分析能力
  • 良好的沟通协作能力
  • 创新能力
  • 熟悉了解产品、项目的业务流程,对自己欠缺的能力主动学习进行补足,能把自己的知识与大家分享。主动寻找各种资源进行学习,并能利用新的技术或方法解决自己领域中技术问题。
  • 能清晰阐述自己的自己观点,可以把自己的见解表达出去并且可以得到他人的认可。
  • 能明确自己的职责,与团队人员有效的沟通,引进不同的方法帮助团队排除障碍,有效的解决矛盾冲突。





  • 认真勤勉
  • 注重工作效率
  • 注重交流与合作
  • 以用户为本





  • 计算机相关专业大专及以上学历
  • 从事软件开发一年及一年以上



Report to: R&D Team Leader

Location: Beijing





This role will be responsible for system development, the person shall have strong logical thinking and abstract thinking ability and have strong curiosity about technology.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities


  • Complete the development tasks on time according to the project plan ;
  • Responsible for the preparation of technical documents and submit them on time;
  • Submit job summary report on time, fill in the project development schedule form ;
  • Ensure that development tasks meet development standard, requirements and design.


Knowledge and Skill


  • Familiar with .net FrameworkASP.NetMVCWCFVisual StudioC# etc. programming languages.
  • Have good programming habits and knowledge of programming specifications.
  • Deep understanding of the W3C standard, practical knowledge of usability, accessibility and other relevant knowledge, understand HTML semantics.
  • Proficient in Web front-end technology, including XHTML / XML / CSS / javascript / ActionScript; skilled use of EXT is preferred.
  • Proficient in project development based on JavaScript and Ajax frameworks.
  • Be familiar with different browsers and different versions of compatibility issues; have strong interest and insight into the industry's latest page implementation.
  • Familiar with SQL Server database, skilled use of SQL.



  • Acute technology development insights;
  • Self-motivated and a proactive learner;
  • Strong problem analysis ability;
  • Good communication skills in both Chinese and English;
  • A great communicator and team player
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • Good understanding about the business process of the product and project, keep self-learning proactively and willing to share with the team.
  • Able to present personal opinions and thoughts clearly and win buy-in by the team
  • Take ownership and communicate with team members effectively, actively help the team to solve problems and conflicts by various means




  • Responsible and diligent;
  • Highly efficient at work;
  • Active in communication and cooperation
  • Customer-oriented


Education and Experience Requirement

  • Associate degree or above, major in Computer Science;
  • 1 year above software development experience.